Tips on Choosing the Best Cutlery Sets

Published: 30th June 2011
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Cutlery is the tool used in preparing, cutting and eating food. Nowadays many kinds of cutleries sets are available in the market for handy outdoor and party events. They are available in different materials, shapes and designs based on the personal preferences of the users.

A Cutlery set includes forks, spoons, and knives, trays and dishes. You can get them in different materials such as silver, steel, stainless steel, gold, plastic and pewter. Different types of cutleries sets include the following:

You can also reflect on the following features in order to find the perfect cutlery sets for you.


Since plastic cutlery is disposable it is ideal for use in parties, picnics, buffets and other outdoor events. This set comes with a knife, forks and spoons which are useful for 8 or more people. You may want to wash but usually they are often thrown away. You may prefer to use them for packed lunches on long journeys. Even some plastic cutleries are used as children's toy.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a compound of special steel alloys containing 11.5% chromium or even nickel. Depending on the higher level of nickel substances, it will not stain nor rust. Diverse grades and outside finishes are used to match the material. You may find difference in the stainless steel prices according to the specifications or the steel alloy level.


Silver is also used to make cutlery. A good number of manufacturers use silver to display a bright lunar shine that makes it more expensive. Silver cutlery holds a bacteria killing feature.

You may find silver cutlery of both hard-silver plated and real silver. Hard silver plating looks glossier. It is also hard-wearing, rust-proof, dishwasher safe and thus very handy. Around 12% nickel, 65% copper, and 23% zinc are used to make this cutlery. This silver layer is used on this material in a galvanic bath.

Pure silver is used to make real silver cutlery. Sterling silver shows 92.5 % hard types of unadulterated silver.


Vintage cutlery is traditional type of item. It has silver components with plastic design handles. You can also find them in hardwood handles with different textures. Vintage cutleries can be long-lasting if properly maintained.


Superior quality Japanese steel is used to make Japanese cutlery. It is hard and very sharp. A good number of professionals choose this kind of cutlery, because of its exclusive designs.

A Santoku knife is used by the majority of Japanese chefs. They can be used for slicing, straight cutting, and for the cutting of vegetables and meat. The Deba and Nakiri knife is also always preferred. These Japanese cutleries are actually very handy.


Generally food industry professionals use professional Cutlery sets. It often is offered in a wooden block or case that holds 3 or more pieces of knives, a spoon and fork. Besides, this, it may come in satin finish, hard silver or gold or silver plated and with wooden handles. A professional cutlery set comprise of one or more of the following: Fish knife, Utility knife, Boning knife, Chef knife, Cleaver, Sharpener, Bread knife, Santoku knife, Carving knife, Peeling knife and Serrated slicer etc.

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